Roofs - Exterior walls
Product Application Description
ABBAmousses sprayer brush Anti-moss for all surfaces
ABBAmousses Plus sprayer brush Anti-moss and water repellent at the same time
ABBAdose sprayer Concentrated anti-moss
ABBAkil sprayer Eliminates red traces on exterior walls
ABBAclean sprayer brush Decontaminating mild cleaning solution
ABBAclean Plus sprayer brush Decontaminating mild cleaning solution, rapid action
ABBAnet brush sprayer Alkaline cleaning solution for stonework, rendering and concrete
ABBArgil brush sprayer Heavy duty cleaning solution for brickwork and terracotta surfaces
ABBAstop sprayer brush Invisible waterproofing of porous materials
ABBAstop Plus sprayer brush Long lasting invisible waterproofing of porous materials
ABBAmur injection Blocks out rising damp by capillary action in the walls
ABBAmur Plus brush Anti-salpetre and anti-humidity treatment